MEDIA ADVISORY, February 18, 2020 – Writing Right: A Story About Dysgraphia, the first illustrated children’s book released from Watertree Press, entered the top 50 of Amazon’s Children's eBooks on Disabilities & Special Needs category this week. Simultaneously, the paperback edition entered the top 100 of Amazon’s Children's Special Needs Books category.

Writing Right: A Story About Dysgraphia by Cassandra Baker is an illustrated children's book whose main character is Noah, a third-grade boy with dysgraphia. Writing Right is a children's book meant to connect with kids that struggle with dysgraphia. Dysgraphia affects writing skills and can make learning very difficult. Many people have never heard of dysgraphia and that is one of the primary reasons for this book.

Writing Right follows a boy named Noah as he learns about dysgraphia and how to work through it. He and his mom find new ways of approaching difficult tasks, as well as work with an occupational therapist to help improve his skills. Through Noah’s story, the author hopes to shed some light on this lesser-known disability and aid those affected.

Writing Right’s author is Cassandra Baker, a high school student from Virginia. For her Girl Scout Gold Award project, she wanted to write a children’s book that would help kids cope with the learning disability dysgraphia. According to the author, “My goal with this project was to create a character that young children could easily relate to. Kids don't always understand learning disabilities, but they do know that things their friends may find easy, are really hard for them. As such, I hope that the book allows for these kids to feel connected and understood.” She sought counsel from an Occupational Therapist to ensure that the book was addressing children with dysgraphia with an appropriate and compassionate perspective.

Writing Right also includes an information portion for parents and guardians to learn from. As the author notes, “I am in no way a professional, but after working with an Occupational Therapist and doing research, I was able to create a brief composite of information to help people begin their understandings of dysgraphia.” The resource section includes outside sources that parents and caregivers can use to find further, in-depth information.

Writing Right is available in paperback as well as full-color Kindle eBook versions. Additionally, the author has created a companion website at where visitors can learn more about dyslexia, find helpful resources for both children and parents, and even view a free online copy of the book. With both the eBook and print versions reaching the top 100 in their respective children’s special needs categories simultaneously, this new publication is fulfilling the author’s vision for the book.

About Writing Right: A Story About Dysgraphia

Author: Cassandra Baker
ISBN-10: 0991104633 (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0991104635 (Paperback)
ASIN: B07XCG7111 (Kindle eBook)
Retail Price: $1.99 for Kindle, $7.99 for paperback
Publisher: Watertree Press |
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