Writing Right: A Story About Dysgraphia

Writing Right: A Story About Dysgraphia written by Cassandra Baker

Writing Right is an illustrated children's book whose main character is Noah, a third grade boy with dysgraphia. Many people have never heard of dysgraphia and that is one of the primary reasons for this book. Dysgraphia affects writing skills and can make learning very difficult. In this book, Noah learns to work through his struggles with dysgraphia through perseverance, help from his mom, computer resources, and occupational therapy. Through Noah’s story, the author hopes to shed some light on this lesser-­known disability and aid those affected.

This children's book is available in paperback print or Kindle eBook formats with additional resources available at WritingRight.org

Author Interview About for Writing Right

Meet the inspiring teenager behind the new children's book, Writing Right: A Story About Dysgraphia, via this interview at Dysgraphia.life!

Consumer Reviews for Writing Right

Helpful for children and their parents

"My son, who is 10, read this wonderful book. After reading it, he looked at me and said, "Mom, this story is about me." He truly identified with the character's dysgraphia. I also read the book and thought it was extremely well written and I love the resources the author added to the end of the book."

There are other kids like her and it's not her fault

"I suspect that my granddaughter has Dysgraphia. I thought it would help her understand why she has trouble. It was well written."

About the Author

Cassandra Baker is a high school student from Virginia. For her Girl Scout Gold Award project, she wanted to write a children’s book that would help kids cope with the learning disability dysgraphia. She hopes that kids can relate to Noah and learn along with him.

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